Born in the port city of Le Havre (France) in 1977, Tiphaine Vasse developed an early passion for drawing, photography and the sciences. She studied arts and design in Paris and after working as an art director and designer in several agencies, she started her own design agency, Cerise Noire, in April 2006.
With Cerise Noire, she works on multi-faceted design projects that allow her to explore the whole range of her designer’s skills: in 2008, she signed the signage for the Paris Beaubourg-George Pompidou Center exhibition “Les Futuristes à Paris, une avant-garde explosive;” since 2009 she has also designed and supervised advertising campaigns for the public transport companies of Lyons and Dijon.


Parallel to her work as a designer and creative director, she has also been working since 2011 on a wooden furniture and lamp brand concept, “WOODEN.” WOODEN aims at making ethics and sustainability fully compatible with beautiful, innovative design in everyday objects. One of the chairs she designed for her brand was featured in the March 2013 St Etienne Design Biennale. In the fall of 2013 she was granted a three-month artist residency in Finland to further develop WOODEN and start several tableware range for the brand.
She is also a photographer and the co-founder of the Miror-Miror art gallery that opened in Lyons in 2010. In October 2009, she started working on a black and white photographic study of the streets of Lyons called “Street.” This project was shown in Yalta, Ukraine, in a photo exhibition in the summer of 2010; this allowed Tiphaine to discover Ukraine with curiosity and a great deal of fascination that translated into another series of photographs exhibited a few months later at the Croque Mot gallery in Lyons.
Since 2010 she has been a volunteer and board member of the Rhône departmental committee Secours Populaire Français, one of France’s most active poverty relief charities. She has reported on the charity’s local events and has designed and produced the regional branch’s communication tools. One of her series of photographic portraits was exhibited for the inauguration of the charity’s new headquarters. 


She is now working on a new portraits series entitled “Mood” that started in Scandinavia in january 2012 as a diary or a visual travelogue to keep a record of encounters, places and feelings. Each encounter was recorded with a photographic portrait and an interview and the whole project gradually became a sociological reflection on ways of life, individual choices and cultural singularities in different national cultures. The project’s trailers was screened at the arthouse cinema “Le Comedia” in Lyons, France.

Tiphaine Vasse lives and works in Lyon.